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Mr. Gary A Schroeder is a prominent management consultantSales Compensation Consultant Gary Schroeder
specializing in sales force compensation, organization design, job design, goal setting, sales effectiveness and incentive programs for all levels of employment.

Mr. Schroeder has assisted a wide variety of organizations with incentive compensation issues. He has been a sales compensation consultant for 30 years. Before establishing his firm, Schroeder Associates, he was a consultant with a large international human resource consulting firm, a V.P. of Marketing and Sales for a new venture firm in Chicago, and held a variety of marketing and sales positions with a large high tech firm.

He has served as a sales compensation consultant to many significant organizations, both public and private. Representative clients have included: BP, Alcatel, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Fleet/Boston, Sara Lee, Kodak, Bayer, Philips, Perrigo, Keebler, Kraft Foods, Schawk, Belden Wire and Cable, Comcast, Qwest, and McDonnell Douglas.

Mr. Schroeder is a sales compensation faculty member for WorldatWork, (formerly the American Compensation Association). He is the author of $alescom™, software for designing a sales incentive plan, and $ales++™, a sales force effectiveness attitude survey.

Mr. Schroeder holds an MBA from North Texas State University, and a BSEE from the University of Florida.


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