Employee Incentive Programs Book

Employee Incentive Programs Anthology

Anthology of 50+ Successful
Sales Incentive Plans To Achieve
Your Goals In Today’s Markets
-From 30 years consulting experience
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Gain a deeper understanding of employee incentive programs from my 30 years of consulting experience. My knowledge and lessons are compiled here in this anthology of over 50 successful sales incentive plans.


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A highly successful New Era Sales Incentive Plan is included in the book. See the results here.

Plans Include:
-Total cash assumption
       -Base Salary
       -Target Incentive
              -Capped and uncapped
-Design features
-Incentive plan
-Performance goals and ranges
-Payout opportunities
       -In dollars
       -In percent of base salary
       -In multipliers
       -Linked and unlinked
-Administration guidelines
-Payout example

G. Schroeder Associates, Inc. offers powerful solutions for boosting the performance of your salesforce through an effective compensation package. I have developed my proven strategies for productivity-improving compensation over my three decades of consulting businesses of various sizes and across diverse industries. When you are ready to implement new employee incentive programs that make a real impact on your bottom line, reach out to me. With my anthology, salesforce software, and two-day training seminars, I share my fine-tuned approach.

Learn detailed ways to reward employees that boost morale, motivation, and competitive spirit. Your companyís success depends on your salesforceís drive to accomplish clearly defined goals. My methods take into account multiple considerations, including territory size impact, achievement expectation, cost controls, margin improvement, market penetration, and much more.

With the right tools and objectives, success is within your grasp. Take advantage of the important insights I have recorded in my anthology, and donít hesitate to contact me regarding specific concerns and questions you have about your own company. Iíll help you come up with the appropriate staff incentive ideas that you can use to reprioritize your daily efforts and targets. For results, simplicity, and strategy, this anthology has it all.

Contact Gary for assistance with designing an employee incentive plan. He works with businesses nationwide.

30 years experience in one anthology

View my two day in-house
training seminar:

"Sales Compensation Management Excellence".

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